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Loan Options

Loan Options

As professionals in the home mortgage industry, we offer a large variety of funding packages and lending options for first-time and experienced property investors. Serving Des Moines residents with exceptional service backed by knowledgeable expertise, we ensure that we can match you with a customizable loan that works for your specific needs. If you have been seeking personalized assistance with debt consolidation, home equity loans, USDA loans, VA loans or other purchase money mortgages in Des Moines (or anywhere in Iowa), you have found the local team you can absolutely trust.

Our funding and finance loan options include:

Conventional Loans – Offered by non-governmental lenders, these loans include:

  • Fixed rate loans
  • Adjustable-rate loans (ARMs)
  • Combination loans
  • Jumbo/construction loans
  • Reverse mortgages

USDA Loans

Looking for a USDA mortgage loan? Halo Capital has some of the most aggressive USDA guaranteed programs available. We offer purchase and refinance loans with USDA’s specialized products. USDA or Rural Development (RD) home loans are for those that wish to own a home outside of a larger metro area – although it may not be far outside city limits at all! Work with a licensed professional loan officer that has your best interest in mind, will answer your questions quickly and thoroughly, and push to close your transaction as quickly as possible.


FHA Loans

A popular option for many new and repeat home-buyers, FHA loans are usually easier to qualify for than conventional loans as they may offer lower down payments, lower credit scores, higher debt vs. income ratios, and cannot exceed statutory loan limits. FHA mortgage loans are those that are issued by federally-qualified lenders that have been certified by the Federal Housing Administration.

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VA Loans

As a VA-sponsored mortgage lender, we offer veterans the option of financing their home through Veteran Administration loans. These mortgage loans are guaranteed by the administration and they offer easier qualifications than conventional loans. With VA loans, veterans may borrow up to 100 percent of the home’s sale price or value.

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Conforming Loans

Those loans that meet bank-funding criteria set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are conforming loans. Every year, these two stock-holding companies set the limits of what constitutes a conforming loan. Mortgages that exceed the conforming loan limit are classified as non-conforming. These limits are set or adjusted by using the October to October percentage change in American average home prices.

State & Local Housing Programs

As these types of offerings change and update often, please give us a call to discuss what may be best for you.

Jumbo Loans

Often referred to as non-conforming loans, these loans exceed the max loan limits established by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Halo Capital has very aggressive lending programs on Jumbo loan products. Reach out to one of our licensed professionals for details.

B/C Loans

Ranked lower than A loans, these loans are often riskier, and may carry a higher interest rate depending on the consumer’s qualifying factors. These products are typically issued to those who have lower credit scores or stronger credit challenges such as not being able to show much taxable income due to self-employment, recent bankruptcy, foreclosure, or short sale, or have high debt ratios that other lenders do not have the capacity to deal with. Factors for qualifying for any loan requires attention to detail and a strong focus on what is best for the consumer in the near and distant future. Halo Capital has the experience and training to help you find a mortgage in Des Moines or anywhere in Iowa. Reach out to us for a candid discussion regarding your mortgage needs.

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